Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

Beginning with a complete analysis of your health history, current state of health and lifestyle and nutrition habits. this creates a clear overview of what habits we can build on and what habits need more balance in order to create a better state of health, as well as, improving the aesthetics and functional ability of your body. If you want results that also improve your state of health, this is the option for you!

Structural Assessments

Our ability to move can be helped or hindered based on our posture and the way our body moves. In most cases, pain and injuries are the result of having a restricted area(s) in our body with the symptomatic area being hyper-mobile in order to compensate for that restriction. With my structural assessments, I'm able to find most restrictions, as well as, unstable areas that need stability in order to reduce and often eliminate pain issues and injury risk.

Public Speaking

With so much information and misinformation in health, fitness and wellness out in the media, online and within the industry, it's overwhelming as to where to turn to find good, easy to follow information that produces results while not mortgaging future health in order to accomplish it. I provide talks (often at no cost) to clear the clutter of information. I speak on topics that get right to the heart of what is often causing issues many of us face everyday and breakdown the information in easy to understand terminology while providing helpful hints and tips that can be applied right away!

Seminars and Workshops

Groups and businesses that are looking to make a major impact on the lives of all involved while being within the environment of like-minded supportive people that are experiencing the journey that you are, this is an excellent option. Either as a one time workshop or as a series of seminars, I provide all of the resources and education for your group to be able to learn and apply simple, easy to follow information that creates the positive changes you are looking to accomplish.



Adding or modifying a wellness program? The consulting service is a great resource from an expert with over 21 years of experience in the wellness field. I can provide structure, create resources or add modifications to an existing program so that the participants are able to get amazing results while increasing their adherence to the program short and long-term!

Health and wellness professionals:

Are you looking to add to services you already provide? The consulting is an excellent approach which enhances the services you are currently offering with the services I offer. This enhances the client experience which is a win for the client!