A Unique Wellness Approach  

As a Holistic Lifestyle Coach, I not only accumulate a lot of information to develop a comprehensive individual approach for each person I coach, but I also look at health and wellness in a unique manner. I use a common-sense approach in which I establish a foundation from the biochemical information I acquire from each client and then I’m guided by what is working for each individual. 

A New Look At The Typical Guidelines To Wellness

If increasing health and losing weight was simply a matter of cutting calories and exercising more, then it would stand to reason that the obesity rate and illnesses would be decreasing in America. But the truth is that our obesity rate is rising, and the worst part is that the focus on calorie cutting and increasing amount of exercise can actually contribute to the problem rather than the solution.

Our diet and how we move are just two of many factors that contribute to either solving the problem or contributing to it. For instance, how much stress we are under, the amount and quality of sleep we get, how positive or negative our thoughts are, also play into our waistline, as well as potential illness and disease risk.

Most diets and fad selections that are dubbed as healthy, do not elevate most people into healthier state. These fad diets often create more symptoms in people, even when the initial results equal a lower number on the scale! 

Here Are Two Very Commonly Asked Questions

Question: So how can it be if a person sees the scale move in the right direction that this could be the wrong choice?

Answer: We must look at both the short-term results and long-term effects. We may be borrowing from our future vitality and health in order to see the scale move right now! I want to point out here that we have a problem in our country with seemingly healthy people dying at a relatively young age (in their 20’s and 30’s) with no glaring cause. It may be too simplistic to say that the direct cause is mortgaging their future health to “look” good right now. However, this is what is being sold as health and I have to tell you. It is not healthy!

Question: How do I achieve the look of health while not sacrificing my future? If this possible in this day and age?

Answer: Not only is this possible, once you understand the principles, it’s not really that difficult! The biggest challenge more people face is not doing what the majority of people are doing. The key is once you start seeing the results and how easy it is to follow, it makes it much easier to ignore all of the marketing and fads and instead, follow the results that make you truly healthy and improve the way you look, feel and move!

Stress And Exercise, The Misunderstanding: 

Intense and long duration exercise does not reduce stress, it increases the stress load. Stress is one of the most common reasons for excess weight. Plus, if your stress level is high, adding an intense or long duration exercise regime can lead to trigger points, pain and injuries. Although it seems contradictory, if you are under excessive stress, working out with lighter movements and even stretching can actually cause you to lose unwanted excess weight much faster and more effective than intense exercise. This type of activity level is known as working in. Working in actually increases your energy level, increases your ability to recover from all types of stress and will provide more energy after you have completed a session. Together, we can figure out what works best for you!

Enjoy the Benefits

Look Better!

Lose weight, shed bodyfat, gain weight, build muscle, shape your body, enhance your physique, improve posture, improve movement grace

Feel Better!

Relieve Stress, increase energy, enhance relaxation, rehabilitate injuries, achieve vibrant health, gain vitality

Function Better!

Run faster, jump higher, and perform at your peak in your sport, maximize your daily strength, improve your work performance and go home feeling fresh, dance up a storm, improve your digestion, nutrition and eating habits, enhance libido and sexual performance